Welcome to Pat Fryklund's online gallery.

I paint to tell stories of time, place and experience. My paintings are expressionist land and seascapes, often with figures; still lifes and portraits. The common thread that connects them as a body of work is my desire to put a narrative quality into all of my paintings. Many of my seascapes depict the place where the sea meets the sand. They are the expression of my never-ending infatuation with how waves hit the beach, and the hypnotic qualities of long slow curves of color that sizzle and melt.

I reside year-round in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, which is on the outer arm of Cape Cod. Most of my recent Cape cod paintings have been done "en plein air". I have visited both Grenada and Ireland often, and am always seeking to learn more about the history, culture and artistic legacies of both of these fascinating islands. All of my paintings in these locales are the result of sketches and photos taken on location.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my online gallery. If there is a special memory or location you treasure in Grenada, Ireland or Cape Cod which you might want translated into an original painting, please contact me and I'd be glad to discuss private commissions. I am currently a member of a member of the Wellfleet Library Exhibitions Committee; a member of The Visual Artists' Cooperative of Cape Cod; The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, and a member of The Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

For more information about the paintings, please contact the artist at patfryklund@yahoo.com